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Welcome to The Guelph Post. Tap Into Your City.

The Post aims to bridge the gap between the local, independent journalism lost with the Guelph Mercury and the future of live, local reporting.

The Post is subscription based, so that the valued updates, original stories and community storytelling can remain funded and strong.

The Guelph Post employs the values of traditional Canadian journalism: Aiming to report stories that are in the general public interest and do so with impartiality. Canadian Press Styleguide is used for the formatting, as a Canadian publication.

If you find that there is a story that does not follow these values or you have a news tip, please reach out on the Contact page.

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The Guelph Post has one reporter and one managing editor, who also manages ThatGuelph under the company Human Element. The Post is one of Guelph’s only independent community publications.

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Photo by Brotin Biswas via Pexels.

The Guelph Post reports from the ancestral and treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation of the Aanishinaabek Peoples. Throughout history, this land and these waters have also been home to the Chonnonton Peoples (“People of the Deer”), as well as the Haudenosaunee from the south, and the Anishanaabe and Métis from the North. We offer respect as we report on the story of the city, province and country. We express our gratitude for sharing these lands for our mutual benefit.