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Panel tackles the future of journalism at Civic Museum

The panel took several questions.



Panel discussion on June 26, 2019.

The former managing editor of the Guelph Mercury, among other panelists in the field of journalism, gathered on Wednesday night at the Civic Museum for a panel discussion on the past, present and future of newspapers and the news media at-large.

Phil Andrews, former Mercury editor, was joined by local political journalist Adam Donaldson, ex-Mercury reporter Stephanie MacLellan, photojournalist Matthew McCarthy, ex-Mercury reporter Rob O’Flanagan and cartoonist Seth.

The panelists each took time to comment on where they thought the future of journalism was heading and answer questions over what solutions they thought could save an industry that is, at the least, drastically changing.

Questions were asked around the topic of subscriptions and advertising revenue. All the panelists agreed that the way forward for the news media will be difficult, while some lamented losing the newspaper as a package.